Other Common Names: Burmese Teak

Botanical Name: Tectona grandis

Source Region: Southern Asia, Africa, and South America Plantation Sourcing

Common Uses: Boatbuilding, veneer, exterior furniture and turnings

Interior Application: Yes

Exterior Application: Yes

Working Properties:

Golden brown, teak has course texture with open pores. The grain is straight and its working properties are good. Its high level of silica can blunt tooling.

Numeric Values:

Specific Gravity: 0.65

Janka Hardness: 1,070

Weight: 4 lbs/BF

Product Specification

Grades: FEQ (First European Quality)

Thickness: 4/4 - 8/4

Grain Sorts: Flat Sawn, Quarter Sawn, and Mixed

Widths: 4" and wider

Truck Loadablity: 12,000 BF

Lengths: 6' and longer

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