Other Common Names: Afrormosia, Assamela, Baracara, Bohala, Jatobahy do igapo, Kokriki, Kokrodua, Mekoe, Mohole, Obang, Ole, Olel Pardo, Peonio, Tento

Botanical Name: Pericopsis elata

Source Region: West Africa

Common Uses: Boat construction, joinery, flooring, furniture, interior woodwork and decorative veneer.

Interior Application: Yes

Exterior Application: Yes

Substitution: Teak, Iroko

Working Properties:

Works well with hand and machine tools, finishes cleanly, turns satisfactorily, good gluing, moderate steam-bending properties. Sawdust reported to be an eye irritant, good ventilation needed.

Numeric Values:

Specific Gravity: 0.57

Janka Hardness: 1,560

Weight: 3.9 lbs/BF

Product Specification

Grades: Select & Better

Thickness: 4/4 - 8/4

Grain Sorts: Flat Sawn, Quarter Sawn, and Mixed

Widths: 4" and wider

Truck Loadablity: 12,000 BF

Lengths: 6' and longer

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