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The Appalachian regions supply a wide range of species, all with one thing in common: superior quality. Northwest Hardwoods is located in the Appalachian growing region in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and West Virginia. We have 6 sawmills, 4 concentration yards and 2 service centers located throughout the region to take full advantage of the beautiful hardwoods in the region. This Appalachian region has warm summers to assist growth but the cooler spring and fall seasons and cold winters to allow this growth to be gradual. Slow maturity means tight growth rings, strong fibers and consistent grains that lead to strength, durability and beauty.


With an open grain and a coarse texture, Ash is quite workable and has good finishing properties. Ash is a favorite with furniture and architectural millwork manufacturers.


A natural beauty — sought after by builders of the finest cabinetry and furniture in the world.

Hard Maple

Hard Maple is hard, heavy and admired for its bright white color and fine grain. Its beauty and strength makes it a favorite for furniture, flooring and cabinetry.

Red Oak

Red Oak is a timeless choice widely used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, joinery and architectural millwork. We sort by color to help reduce waste and produce cabinets and furniture.

Soft Maple

Soft maple is less dense than hard maple, lower priced and is used as a substitute. It has similar grain and figure with good machining properties and outstanding color and fine texture.

White Oak

A hard, versatile lumber, White Oak is a favorite in furniture, flooring, doors, cabinetry and millwork. White oak has more figure than red oak, with a distinctive open grain and coarse texture.


A premier carving and turning hardwood, our basswood is a preferred species among high-end shutter manufacturers.


Beech wood is used to make flooring, furniture, veneer plywood, and railroad ties.


The white sapwood lends itself especially well to beautiful blonde furniture and interior woodwork.


A traditional American hardwood, Walnut is steamed to enhance the chocolate brown heartwood and darken the sapwood. Walnut is prized for high-end furniture, architectural interiors, cabinetry, doors, flooring and paneling.


Poplar wood is used for construction grade lumber and plywood. It has straight grain, little shrinkage, and excellent gluing qualities. It is currently used for cabinets, veneer and furniture.


One of the strongest, hardest and most-dense hardwoods, Hickory is used for applications that require sheer strength and high shock resistance.

Appalachian Growing Region

Some of the finest hardwood lumber comes from the Appalachian region, where the climate is frigid and the growing season is short. These conditions produce tight-grained hardwoods with very consistent color.


Growing Region

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