Over a decade ago, Northwest Hardwoods piloted a program with Asian manufacturers to help cabinet and furniture makers reliably and affordably secure panel products to match our hardwood lumber offerings. We developed a global supply chain and implemented a company managed quality control system so we could provide consistent and dependable products.

Today we are a global supplier of appearance and structural panel products, sourcing from North America, Asia, Russia, Europe and South America. This global supply chain, combined with our advanced distribution network assures timely and reliable delivery.

Plywood to Match

Marketed under the NWHPLY brand name, we offer a full selection of imported plywood products in varying cores, grades, thicknesses, and face veneers.

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Baltic Birch

Baltic Birch, also referred to as Baltic Birch, is generally regarded as being of a higher quality than standard birch and delivers an impressive combination of strength and visual appeal.

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Meranti Plywood is imported from Indonesia and Malaysia and is known for its exceptional consistency and quality.

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From UV Prefinished Overlays to Drawer Slides, we help our customers with virtually any hardwood product requirements.

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The IWPA and Northwest Hardwoods are committed to supporting the legal and sustainable harvesting of wood products from around the world. The IWPA supports the sustainable management of global forests for both current and future generations and the benefits to local communities that depend on the forest resource while generating economic growth and quality jobs for those who manufacture, sell, and use these remarkable products.