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It’s often said that customers don’t necessarily buy from people they like, rather they buy from those they trust. We know that’s true. And now, more than ever, customers need to trust the companies they do business. Especially when it comes to hardwoods.


The past couple of years have been challenging for manufacturers and distributors alike. You’ve faced short supply, had trouble mixing loads and getting them on time, and prices have been a rollercoaster ride. In times like these customers want candor and clarity to plan for the future and efficiently run and grow their businesses. That’s what we do.


We inspire confidence with our actions. That’s the foundation of trust.

Here to Help You Compete.


Where do you need better service and more support? Let us know because we can help. Over the past year, through some difficult times, we worked closely with our customers to keep them operating smoothly and moving forward.


Consistent Product & Service

Tailored Grades

Multi-Species Loads

On-time delivery

Competitive Market Pricing

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