Question: How many species of wood can be integrated into the headquarters of the world’s largest manufacturer and global supplier of hardwood lumber?

The answer: About 30 different species.

In June 2017, Northwest Hardwoods (NWH) moved its company headquarters, home to about 60 employees, four blocks to a new office space in Tacoma, WA.

The purpose of the move, says Brian Narramore, Vice President Human Resources/EH&S for NWH, was two fold. “One, our previous lease was expiring and the renewal would have brought hefty price increases and two, it provided us the opportunity to bring our entire corporate team onto one floor to create a more cohesive work team and environment”.

With the new office environment also came an opportunity—to design a workspace that showcased the products the company manufacturers and brings to market.

Led by Office Manager Stephanie Halvorson, the NWH office -design team included representatives from every corporate staff department including sales, accounting, IT, HR, credit and customer service.

“We wanted to showcase the products Northwest Hardwoods manufactures across the country, and imports from around the globe,” explained Stephanie.

Coinciding with the company’s celebration of its 50th anniversary, the newly designed headquarters feature roughly 30 species of wood, including Glacial Maple cabinets, live edge Pacific Coast Maple slab countertops, walnut, maple and hickory flooring.

“The true centerpiece features all of our imported exotic hardwoods from Alder to Zebrawood,” continues Stephanie. “It’s a beautiful ‘A to Z Wood Wall’ that greets everyone who enters the new space.”

Each conference room features a different species of wood flooring, and are named accordingly, thus:

  • The Walnut Room – walnut was selected for its rich chocolate color variations
  • The Maple Room – maple’s lighter color brightens this conference room and the flooring shows off its clean grains and finish
  • The Hickory Room – hickory’s unusual patterns and color variations create visual interest

The millwork for each room is trimmed out in matching 1” x 5” solid wood to match each floor.

All the wood used for the new headquarters was manufactured at one of our plants and sent to NWH customers for final milling into the finished product.

All the cabinets were manufactured with NWH Glacial Maple from a local customer, and the live-edge Pacific Maple countertops in the break room were custom milled for the project from the NWH Mt. Vernon mill that produces the majority of its Pacific Coast Maple.

The showpiece of the main conference room is a meeting table made from walnut, bloodwood and curly maple with the NWH Hardwoods logo inlay. The conference table and its two matching coffee tables in the reception area were all made by a custom furniture maker in Montana who is also a good friend of the company.

TQMM, a NWH customer from 2012, produced all the flooring and millwork.

“We felt honored to mill the flooring for NWH’s corporate office,” said Fred Borntreger, General Manager/Co-Founder of TQMM. “NWH has some of the best customer service this industry provides, as well as consistent product.”

The address for the new headquarters is:

Northwest Hardwoods – Tacoma,
1313 Broadway, Suite 300,
Tacoma, WA 98402

Project Details:

Cabinets  – Glacial Maple boards milled and dried at our NWH Dorchester, WI facility. Constructed and finished by Custom Woodworking, Inc., Olympia, WA

Flooring – Walnut boards milled and dried at our NWH Onalaska, WI facility, Hickory boards milled and dried at our NWH Dorchester, WI facility and the Pacific Coast Maple boards milled and dried at our Mount Vernon, WA facility. The boards were cut and finished by TQMM Hardwood Flooring, Wausau, WI

Custom NWH Chainsaw Carved Sign – Milled and dried at our NWH Mount Vernon facility and finished by John & Pamela Sissons, Tacoma, WA

Wood Wall and Maple Slab Countertop – Designed by NWH, finished and installed by Superior Builders Inc, Fife, WA