Tacoma, Washington – Northwest Hardwoods, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality hardwood lumber in North America, has teamed up with 3D Source, a provider of 3D interactive, animation, modeling and print services. The collaboration is aimed at helping homeowners see, through instant, photo-realistic design tools, the beauty of natural wood grain in their design projects. The two companies will kick off their collaboration at the AWFS® Fair in Las Vegas, Nevada July 19-22, 2017.

The breadth of interior design choices available to consumers is mind-boggling. Even with all the websites, photo libraries and design tools available today, it’s difficult for homeowners to visualize how various elements, especially hardwoods with subtle patterning and color variations, will come together in a realistic way. Because homeowners understandably fear making costly mistakes in their renovations or new construction projects, they often shy away from combining multiple wood elements like hardwood floors and natural stained cabinets, for example.

“Even though homeowners want to use wood for its sustainability and benefits for a healthy home environment, many are afraid to because they can’t visualize it,” says Mark Hayes, Certification/Market Development for Northwest Hardwoods. “With dynamic design tools from 3D Source, homeowners will ‘see’ instantly how different wood species, stains and finishes will look. Many more people will be inspired to use hardwoods when they can see how well all of their design elements will work together.”

Integrating photo realistic images of the homeowners’ space with 3D modeling and animation, 3D Source design tools allow interior designers to create configured spaces in real-time, changing design elements and scene views to help homeowners make inspired choices.

“With our 3D modeling, designs come to life vibrantly and instantly, helping customers make decisions more easily and confidently,” explains Tom Connard, Co-Founder/VP Business Development of 3D Source. “There’s tremendous potential for these tools to excite and support designers, architects and others who frequently work with wood products.”

The collaboration will come to life at the biennial trade show of Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) in booth 4832. Against the backdrop of the lumber company’s display filled with American hardwoods, exotics, plywood and decking, two 48” touchscreens will entice visitors to the Northwest Hardwoods booth where a 3D Source representative will be on hand to help them point, click and customize virtual rooms using the 3D digital design tool.

About Northwest Hardwoods, Inc.

Founded in 1967, Northwest Hardwoods, Inc. (NWH) is a leading supplier of sustainable, low-VOC, high-quality hardwood lumber for cabinets and flooring in North America. With the most advanced technology and one of the most progressive and precise manufacturing processes, it manufactures and sells over a dozen species of certified, legally-sourced hardwood lumber from around the globe, including proprietary, custom grades known as Graded for Yield®. As a manufacturer and supplier of products made from natural resources, NWH is committed to ensuring that our forest resources are protected and responsibly managed.

About 3D Source

3D Source is the only company that exists exclusively to help product manufacturers evolve their sales and marketing assets from photography to photorealistic 3D and CGI. Manufacturers using 3D Source product configurator platform have access to a highly scalable network of content developers and groundbreaking software that supports trillions of possible design options in catalog quality. 3D Source clients see a major decrease in photography costs and significant gains in sales growth when deploying their inspiration platform. For more information visit 3dsource.com.