The History of Alder Grades
Over 50 years ago Northwest Hardwoods entered the hardwood lumber business with a single sawmill in Arlington, WA that focused on cutting Alder. At this time Alder was considered a low value, little known hardwood that was used for a variety of different applications and was considered an inferior wood... read more >
It is a Northwest Hardwoods core value to protect the health and safety of our employees and contractors. As a result, we have made several changes in how we operate in order to protect the health and safety of our employees: Implemented work-at-home policy for all office personnel Modified workstations... read more >
Clean Up Confusion On Hardwood Floor Care
An investment of new hardwood floors in a new or renovated home or commercial property will last for decades, especially when consumers properly maintain and care for their hardwood floors. Fortunately, hardwood floors are easy to maintain. But do your customers know this? We run into occasional misconceptions about hardwood... read more >
It’s All About Alder
Alder’s popularity continues to grow as it solidifies its role as one of the most versatile species of hardwood. Because of its natural consistency, beautiful color, and workability with both hand and machine tools, Alder complements a variety of design schemes and is ideal for projects such as furniture sets,... read more >
Hardwood Products: The Responsible Building Choice
  We all want to make choices that are good for the bottom line and for our planet. Fortunately, choosing hardwood products is both. Because of a variety of factors ranging from deciduous trees' reproduction to their carbon-absorbing powers, hardwood lumber is one of the most environmentally responsible building materials... read more >
Spotlight on Sawmill Technology
We take pride in our implementation of modern technology at Northwest Hardwoods. It’s not just about cutting costs—our technologically-based systems allow us to minimize waste, increase employee safety, ensure the consistent quality of our products, and improve the overall customer experience. The lumber industry isn’t exactly new. Its significant history in... read more >
4 Take Home Trends from KBIS & IBS
We’re back from Las Vegas and the 2019 Kitchen & Bath Industry Shows (KBIS) and International Builders’ Show (IBS). The joint event for builders and designers exhibits the latest ideas, appliances and technologies. “The energy was palpable,” says Brian Pagel, Senior Vice President of Emerald Expositions, one of the event’s... read more >
5 Reasons to Consider American Hardwoods
Today’s practices for growing, harvesting and milling U.S. hardwoods make this building and design material an environmentally friendly, economically conscious and socially responsible choice for a range of applications, from furniture and flooring to cabinetry, millwork and more. Below are 5 reasons to consider American hardwoods when creating beautiful wood... read more >
New Year, Continued Focus on Safety
At Northwest Hardwoods, we take safety seriously. In an industry that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers to include some of the most dangerous occupations in the United States, we have to. We are committed to providing a safe place to work for each one of our employees. ... read more >
Revitalizing Red Oak with Cerused Finishing
Back in the ‘70s through early ‘90s, oak cabinetry – often seen in a golden, “honey spiced” hue – dominated kitchens and bathrooms across the country. But, with the onset of newer design options hitting the market, including maple, cherry and engineered wood alternatives, oak started to lose some of... read more >
Spotted at High Point Fall Market: 4 Trends to Watch For
  We recently returned from High Point, N.C., where we attended the Fall 2018 High Point Market. Dubbed “fashion week for home furnishings,” High Point Market – the largest furnishings industry trade show in the \world –  boasts 11.5 million square feet of showspace, featuring everything from furniture and casegoods... read more >
Proof Positive: Your Role in the Responsible – and Sustainable – Hardwood Supply Chain
With several species and grades available, hardwoods – whether American or exotic – are cost-effective and high-quality materials suitable for a range of applications and industries, from furniture and cabinetry manufacturing to interior design and construction. An added benefit is that hardwoods are often considered an environmentally friendly and renewable... read more >
Northwest Hardwoods Provides American Tulipwood for Unique Installation at the 2018 London Design Festival
Through its membership with the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), which promotes American hardwoods overseas and is a partner of The London Design Festival, Northwest Hardwoods has donated American tulipwood for a pavilion installation called MultiPly to be featured in the Sackler courtyard of the Victoria & Albert Museum in... read more >
On Trend: Cabinetry
Cabinetry is a great way to add functionality and style to a space – whether a kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room. But, it can also be a substantial investment, so it must be built to last. That’s why hardwoods – offering a combination of versatility, durability and beauty –... read more >
Northwest Hardwoods Donates $25,000 Worth of Lumber to Oregon State University’s Forestry Program
Northwest Hardwoods has donated $25,000 worth of lumber to the new Forestry Complex at Oregon State University. The lumber donation of alder wood will uniquely and innovatively be used as cladding for the outside of the new building.   The Oregon State University College of Forestry is an internationally-recognized leader... read more >
Wood 101: Alder
Photo Courtesy of Canyon Creek Cabinet Co.   Workable. Versatile. Beautiful. It’s easy to see why alnus rubra – better known as Alder – has gained popularity in the global wood industry, particularly among cabinetry and furniture makers. What is Western Alder The primary hardwood of the west, alder grows within the... read more >
Exotic Decking Profile : Mukulungu, or African Redwood
The working properties of African Redwood, or Mukulungu, make it ideal for decks, siding and other outdoor applications. African Redwood, or Mukulungu, is an exotic hardwood ideally suited for commercial or residential applications, including decking, because of its durability, rich color and fine texture. It also happens to be a... read more >
Northwest Hardwoods Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation and Growth
The alder tree: understated, fast-growing and resilient. This is how Northwest Hardwoods veteran and current Hardwood Lumber Product Manager, Dave Bosley, views the company that gave him his start 39 years ago. “Working at Northwest Hardwoods has been like being on a rocket,” said Bosley, who has witnessed the company... read more >
Understanding Your Wood Material : A Case Study Using Pacific Coast Maple
If you're thinking of trying a new wood species for a project, research is key to your success. Choosing the best wood material for the job requires more than evaluating options based on looks, durability and grade—it’s also important to consider stability. Knowing how stable a species is helps you... read more >
Hardwoods & Sustainable Forestry with Forester Chris Guth
When asked what the biggest misconception is about his job as Timber Resource Manager for Northwest Hardwoods (NWH) in northwest Pennsylvania, Christopher Guth laughs and says quickly, "When I say I’m a forester, people think I mean forest ranger. They think I’m up in a fire tower looking for smoke."... read more >