When it comes to plywood, Alder is unique. Most hardwood plywood is created from veneers that are rotary cut from the log. Because the alder logs have a relatively small diameter compared to most North American hardwoods, they don’t lend themselves to producing veneers in this fashion.

Northwest Hardwoods Pioneers Another Alder Innovation
Working with our overseas manufacturing partners, Northwest Hardwoods engineered a unique and innovative manufacturing process to create Alder Plywood. We’ve developed custom veneer slicing grades from our kiln-dried alder lumber. Utilizing these special grades we are able to lay up alder plywood panels in two grades: Clear and Natural.

Alder Plywood: Consistently Manufactured and Reliably Delivered
Quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process is critical to delivering a consistent and affordable panel. We’ve applied the same industry-leading quality control systems employed in the manufacture of alder lumber to ensure the same caliber of product is delivered from our plywood plant.  Toward that end, Northwest Hardwoods employees oversee the manufacturing process to ensure our stringent specifications are followed.

The Final Piece to Complete the Perfect Offering
Customers now have access to an abundant and reliable supply of Alder Plywood with assurance that the product is consistently manufactured and reliably delivered.


  • Clear Grade
    Pin knots; no defects
  • Natural Grade
    High concentration of natural characteristics

5.2 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, 18.5 mm, 25 mm

48” x 96”, 48.5” x 96.5”



  • core-vc
    Premium Veneer Core (VC)
  • core-mdf
  • core-md-vc