Wood 101: Alder

Workable. Versatile. Beautiful. It’s easy to see why alnus rubra – better known as alder – continues to gain popularity in the global wood industry, particularly among cabinetry and furniture makers.   What is Alder The primary hardwood of the … Continued

Exotic Decking Profile: Mukulungu, or African Redwood

The working properties of African Redwood, or Mukulungu, make it ideal for decks, siding and other outdoor applications. African Redwood, or Mukulungu, is an exotic hardwood ideally suited for commercial or residential applications, including decking, because of its durability, rich … Continued

NWH Moves into New, Wood-Forward Headquarters

Question: How many species of wood can be integrated into the headquarters of the world’s largest manufacturer and global supplier of hardwood lumber?   The answer: About 30 different species.   In June 2017, Northwest Hardwoods (NWH) moved its company … Continued

Evolving Plywood

The origin of plywood dates back to 1500 BC when Egyptians overlaid their works of art with thin pieces of wood. Veneering provided a means to extend a limited or valuable resource.  That concept still holds value today.  However veneering … Continued

5 Reasons to Be Inspired by Hardwood Cross-Laminated Timber

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is inspiring architects worldwide. Here in North America, architects throughout Canada and the United States are designing innovative CLT-framed buildings as sustainability showpieces. Until recently, softwoods provided the primary lumber to manufacture CLT. The newest innovation in … Continued